Most Exumas catamaran charters depart from and/or arrive in Nassau. So why did the crew of Ocean Adventure Cat choose to base our operations out of George Town, Exuma instead?

Here are five reasons why we believe George Town, Exuma is the best base for sailing charters in the Exumas:

  1. George Town is in the Exumas, Nassau isn’t!

    If our guests are coming to visit the Exumas, then the best thing we can do for them is make sure they get as much time in the destination as possible. George Town has direct flights from 5 international airports, plus connecting flights from Nassau and Eleuthera, so it’s a convenient option AND once you land, there’s no more travel to do to get to the Exumas because you’re already in the Exumas.

Family in front of a tall column of signs pointing the direction and stating the distance to different destinations
  1. More time for relaxing, fewer travel days

    Did you know that if you start or end your trip in Nassau, you have a 30-35 mile open-ocean trip each way to get to the Exumas?

    At many charter boats’ average speed of 6-7 knots, that’s 5-7 hours of travel just to get to the Exumas from Nassau. If you have an afternoon arrival and a morning dropoff, that’s two whole days of your trip spent getting to and from the Exumas after your flights arrive in the Bahamas.

    If the weather isn’t favorable, you might even have to wait for a break in the weather to go south, or cut your trip short to get back to Nassau ahead of the weather.

Left photo: Junkanoo band members wear brightly colored costumes on a beach shaded by casuarina trees. Right photo: A girl swings on a beachside tire swing.
  1. George Town is sailors’ favorite place in Exumas

    We affectionately refer to George Town as “summer camp” (even though we’re only here from fall ‘til spring), because there’s always something to going on in the “cruiser” community. From daily free yoga and water aerobics sessions to volleyball games, kids’ activities, dinghy concerts, rake and scrape nights and more, the boating community in George Town is always up to something fun.

Top left: Family in a cave filled with clear water; top middle: Sea turtles; top right: an Exuma rock iguana; bottom: a man with two pigs on the beach
  1. All the same attractions, with fewer crowds

    Because they’re close enough for the cruise-ship tours, superyacht marinas and big-box charter companies’ marinas in Nassau to reach, the northern Exumas have some Insta-famous attractions that almost every newcomer to the Exumas has on their bucket list.

    What most people don’t realize is that the southern Exumas have those attractions too — without the crowds. So if you’re coming to the Exumas and rare iguanas, swimming pigs or sea turtles are on your list, the southern Exumas have you covered. Better yet, you won’t have to wait for the perfect moment to find the perfect angle to make the beach look uncrowded and remote. Instead, it actually will be!

A group of people in shallow brightly colored clear water with a dinghy anchored in the background.
  1. Great Exuma provides better options for travel in inclement weather

    While leaving George Town does require a 2-2.5-hour sail on the Exuma Sound to access the rest of the Exuma Cays, basing in Great Exuma provides us with several options to avoid rough days on the water while still accessing the natural wonders of Exumas. In contrast, the only way to get to or from the Exumas from Nassau is to wait it out or brave the seas for 5-7 hours.

  2. If the seas are going to be rough on our guests’ pickup or dropoff day, we have the option to relocate the boat ahead of time to start at the north end of Great Exuma, or to skip the sail back to George Town and drop off at the north end instead. Guests’ taxi ride to/from the airport is slightly longer, but it means they can enjoy the protection of the island chain from start to finish if needed, and we don’t have to cut things short to wait out the blow or get back to base early. Elizabeth Harbor in George Town is also full of things to do and has options for protection in any weather, which beats getting stuck in Nassau any day!
Looking South over Stocking Island

Elizabeth Harbor in Great Exuma offers protection in almost any weather and is full of fun things to do for boaters.

Now that you know why we love it so much, you’re probably wondering how you can book your charter from George Town.

Most crewed charters in Nassau will relocate for pickup or dropoff in George Town, for a fee. But on Tahina, it’s our home base, so all you need to do is get here, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Check out our rates and calendar to get started.