7-Day Exumas Sailing Trip

George Town to George Town Sample Itinerary

Day 1:
George Town

Arrive in George Town. Meet your crew on the docks behind Exuma Markets. They will gladly transport you and your bags to the boat by dinghy, or if you’d prefer to spend some time exploring town while they get your things situated on board, they can hand you a VHF radio and give you pointers on the best places to check out around town.

As soon as you’re ready, we’ll make our way across the harbor for our anchorage for the evening, where you’ll enjoy sunset and dinner under the stars.

Looking South over Stocking Island

Day 2:
LEE Stocking Island

Depart George Town and head north, toward Rat Cay Cut.

Enter the Exuma Sound and hoist the sails, enjoying the deep blue open water and views of Great Exuma from her eastern side.

After entering Rat Cay cut approximately 3 hours later, navigate a multicolored mix of channels and sandbars toward Lee Stocking Island, home of the once-­famous Perry Institute for Marine Science.

This island is crisscrossed with pristine hiking trails and its crystal clear water makes it a great place to observe the local population of Atlantic stingrays by paddle board.

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit  endangered pink-skinned Exuma Rock iguanas on an island nearby.

Woman crousching alongside pink iguanas

Day 3:
Compass Cay

Travel north approximately 3.5 hours to Compass Cay. Enter splendidly colored turquoise and aquamarine Pipe Creek and drop anchor in one of the Exumas’ most scenic and protected anchorages.Hop in the dinghy for a short hike and a soak in Rachel’s Bubble Bath, where the ocean meets a narrow creek outlet and splashes giant waves against the rock face bordering the eastern side of the pool. The waves create bubbles in the pool and make for a fun natural bubble bath experience.

Next, head to Compass Cay Marina to get up close and personal with their friendly nurse sharks. Wade into the water and marvel as 20+ nurse sharks of all sizes glide past you, grazing you with their leathery skin, and seemingly completely unperturbed by your presence.

End your day a few miles south, at Staniel Cay.

Woman swimming with nurse sharks at Compass Cay

Day 4:
Staniel Cay

Experience the sights around Staniel Cay. Visit Staniel Cay Yacht Club, snorkel Thunderball Grotto – a coral- and tropical-fish-filled underwater cave full of made famous by two James Bond movies and the movie Splash – and visit the famous swimming pigs at Big Majors.

Sail south toward Little Farmer’s Cay. Stroll the beach on the southern end of Great Guana Cay, relax in the hammocks, and watch the ospreys come and go from Oven Rock.

Hike to the nearby cave for an up-close-and-personal look at magnificent stalagmites and stalactites formed over thousands of years by water slowly filtering through the island’s limestone landscape.

Swimming pigs standing alongside a paddleboard

Day 5:
Little Farmer’s Cay

Explore Little Farmer’s Cay, an island of 55 residents, and the only island in the Bahamas to have its very own flag.

Meet J.R. the famous wood carver. Stroll through his diverse and beautifully manicured gardens, and pull up a chair to hear his stories of the Bahamas of 50+ years ago. Pick out one of his unique wood sculptures to take home, carved from local tree branches.

Stop for a chat with Terry & Ernestine at Ocean Cabin and consider having lunch or making dinner plans here. Don’t forget to stop for delicious ice cream at Kenia’s Deli Delight.

As you head back to the boat, make sure you’ve got your swimsuit on. The harbor in Little Farmer’s Cay has been established as a sanctuary and it is frequented by gregarious sea turtles and an abundance of sea life.

Directional signs at Farmer's Cay

Day 6:
Musha Cay

Travel south to Musha Cay, where we’ll pass a shallow bay filled with sand dollars. Stop for a stroll to hunt for these natural wonders among the clear white sand, or go for a snorkel over a sunken plane.

Meander to the adjacent Rudder Cut Cay and you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel a sunken piano accompanied by a mermaid. Owned by David Copperfield, rumor has it that the underwater sculpture is wired with speakers and plays music when his guests are in residence. Will you be one of the lucky few to hear it play?

You’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel teeming reefs on the eastern side of Musha Cay, or if the tide is right, drift snorkel with the dinghy at Rudder Cut.

Snorkeling to see the mermaid at Musha Cay

Day 7:
George Town

Hike the trails at Stocking Island, go beachcombing, stop by Chat ‘n’ Chill or Peace and Plenty Beach Club for a conch salad or tropical beverage, or hang out in the hammock and let it all soak in.

We’ll pick a scenic spot for your last night aboard Ocean Adventure Cat and celebrate your travels. Enjoy the stars, a beachside bonfire and the moonlit night.

You’ll depart the boat at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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A worn wooden dock at sunset, with a catamaran sailboat in the background.
Aerial of Ocean Adventure Cat anchord in clear water over white sand in the Exumas