What Guests Are Saying

By all accounts, we have just had the best family vacation ever. It started with a pineapple mai tai and conch salute to the sunset and from that moment on, Tahina became our home.

Jason & Lara, you have made us feel so welcome in your home (Tahina) as you guided us around the Exumas. We have had so many adventures that we’ll remember forever.

We have been so impressed with everything you have done for us…

  • Conjuring morning rainbows (and post-dive showers)
  • Showing us the basics of sailing – the difference between ropes and lines, and what the spinnaker is
  • Teaching us and the kids about all the animals in the area. To the point where Lily, who was afraid of the “shark slide” at Atlantis, was petting and naming sharks at the back of the boat.
  • You handled all of the stressful moments with humor and grace, whether that was a sudden downpour of a quick demonstration of exactly how shallow the water is and how to avoid getting stuck until the next tide.
  • Hayden absolutely loved the dinghy and surprisingly swimming with the sharks (a core memory for sure).

And the there was the food – everything was amazing… Lara, you are a magician creating the most wonderful treats & meals from such a tiny kitchen.

We will be back!

Mark Rosenbaum

Calagary, Canada, April 2023

Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime. This has been such an amazing introduction to sailing, and it’s the first of many steps for us toward our goal of becoming long-term cruisers.

We appreciate your hospitality and care so very much. Every meal was a fiesta! Loved the sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and paddleboarding.

We learned so much from you about not only sailing but also the practicalities of cruising life. Thank you for what we hope is the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship!

Roger & Holly LaFont

Calgary, Canada, December 2022

Best trip ever!! Jason and Lara were great to work with pre-trip. Jason made sure everything was epic. We snorkeled, dived, swam with nurse sharks, paddle boarded, saw turtles, pigs, iguanas, everything! He even managed to get us a front-row spot to the sunset nearly every night. 6 / 5 would do again. Thanks Jason and Lara — you have something very special to offer. Thanks for sharing.

Dave & Heidi Moore

Oregon, USA, May 2022

What an amazing week. Just the right mix of adventure, discovery and relaxation. So many new experiences. Really who can say that they learned to wake board over a sunken plane wreck? A week of great food and lots of laughs. Truly a week full of memories to last a lifetime.

Chad Welter

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 2022

We cannot thank you enough for the amazing time we had aboard Tahina. This was truly a magical week for our family. Thank you for tailoring this trip to keep 4 teenage boys entertained for a week, that is no easy task. You were so patient with them + laughed w/us at some of their teenage humor + behavior. Thank you for listening to our needs + wants + providing us a wonderful experience. The Exumas are absolutely breathtaking + I appreciate you showing us + teaching us about the islands + the seas. There were so many times when I just stopped + was overwhelmed with my God, the creator of this beauty he spoke into existence. This definitely is one of the best weeks we have enjoyed as a family. THANK YOU.

Jason & Heather Wamack & Teenage Crew

Tennessee, USA, March 2022

We had an amazing time on Tahina. She’s so well looked after. Jason was so knowledgeable locally in all respects. I felt we were in good safe hands at all times. We saw some lovely stuff and managed to accommodate everything we wanted to do Lots of memories to go home with. Thank you for taking good care of us.

Juliette Thomas

Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom, March 2022

Great times with great people! Jason and Lara made this trip one to remember! The snorkeling and exploring was phenomenal. I so enjoyed diving for conch and spending the day learning how to clean and prepare the conch. It was also a lot of fun exploring the various cays with the abandoned buildings, iguanas, and beaches! The food was phenomenal, keeping us on our toes with different recipes every night. It was a wonderful time because of the people and the friends we found on the way. Bravo Jason and Lara!! Can’t wait to come back soon.

Madeline Gray

Jacksonville, Florida, March 2022

Hands down, best trip of my life. Good times had by all! I appreciated all of the efforts to see wildlife (iguanas, rays, dolphins), the cohesion of the group, and the all-around good vibes on and off the boat! Jason & Lara were the perfect hosts. I feel so fortunate to have sailed on Tahina! She was very good to us. ☺

Aimee Wessel

Paris, France, March 2022

What an amazing trip with the Ocean Adventure Cat team.  Captain Jason and First Mate Lara were incredibly hospitable, friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, fun!

We spent our days in some of the most beautiful anchorages in the Exumas, floating on crystal clear water under painted blue skies. Every day was action-packed with snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, exploring islands, paddle boarding, and kayaking, just to name a few.

On the days that we didn’t feel up to adventures, we had lazy days on secluded beaches, swimming and chilling in the sun on the boat.

We had afternoons getting served happy hour drinks on a sand bar island meanwhile meeting other boaters and cruisers. Our evenings were spent at some of the local restaurants sampling some of the amazing Bahamian seafood. I have never seen lobster so huge!

Lara & Jason were very knowledgeable about the islands and the boat. They were incredible cooks and we even were able to help out a bit in the galley learning to cook up new recipes for fresh-caught conch from our day out on the water.  As a monohull sailor myself it was good to get some different experiences sailing and helping crew the boat, learning the differences between boat types.

Tahina was very large and accommodating and never felt too cramped. Plenty of space to spread out both outdoors and below deck.  We had such a great time, I’ll definitely be back next season!

Ryan Mellon

Hampton, Virginia, February 2021

A trip aboard Tahina is nothing short of magical.

From the boat, my wife and I got to see The Bahamas as it really is: seemingly endless strings of islands that offer an amazing range of experiences. And Tahina could deliver us to new places before the resort-bound tourists had even climbed into their rental cars.

Jason and Lara knew where to go, what to do, and who to see; but they were happy to tailor our trip to our tastes. Want to dive a reef or stroll a beach? Pet a shark or try the conch? Talk a hike or sit in the sand? We did it all, or tried to, confident that Jason, Lara and Tahina would get us there and back swiftly and safely.

The icing on the cake was all we learned from Jason and Lara about everything from sail trim to swim fins and plenty in between. My wife and I have sailed with them twice already and are looking forward to next time.

Clay Zeigler

Jacksonville, Florida, December 2020 and March 2021