IMPORTANT: Please pack in soft-sided, collapsible luggage so that your bags can easily be stowed in your cabin once you unpack. In the world of sailing, duffel bags and soft backpacks are the IDEAL luggage to bring along.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

  • Passport
  • Cell phone (remember to add an int’l plan before you leave)
  • Cameras + lenses
  • Headphones for the plane
  • Charging cables for ALL electronics (esp. cameras) – USB/car charger/12vDC is best but we also have US 110v AC outlets
  • Any batteries needed (if lithium make sure they’re allowed to fly)
  • Glasses/contacts/contacts case/saline
  • Sunglasses (and a spare pair)
  • Flip flops/water shoes
  • Hat (ideally wide brimmed w/chin strap or baseball cap)
  • Ponytail holders


  • If you want to wear shoes aboard, please bring a pair of non-marking boat shoes to be worn only on board. Marking shoes and shoes worn while off the boat are not to be worn aboard.
  • Swimsuits (Swimming and diving)
  • Swimsuit cover-ups
  • Tank tops and/or t-shirts (1 per day)
  • Long-sleeved shirts (2-4 for breezy evenings or for sun protection)
  • Shorts (3-5 pairs for a week)
  • Sundress/collared shirt and khaki shorts if dining ashore (1-2)
  • Workout clothes and sneakers if hiking or working out (FYI: “Hiking” is a strong word…with very few exceptions, most Bahamian “hikes” involve a short, light walk on sand and some uneven limestone ground, with very little elevation. They are VERY pretty and would generally rate “Easy” on the hiking difficulty scale.)

A note about footwear: The out islands of the Bahamas are a VERY casual place, and nearly every onshore excursion involves sandy ground, whether it’s a walk through a settlement or a “hike” through nature. When venturing ashore, you will after wade through a few inches of water when disembarking the dinghy.

Flip flops, walking sandals (like Tevas, Merrells or Keens) or water shoes are the order of the day, though a pair of sneakers is optional if you prefer it for the purpose of working out on shore. You will probably wear one or two pairs of shoes the entire time you are here.



  • Toothbrush/paste/floss
  • Sunscreen
  • After sun/moisturizing lotion
  • Makeup kit (very minimal, and definitely optional – many guests never pull it out)
  • Important medications – including seasickness patches, pills, etc. Best to come prepared and not need it than the other way around!

Consider bringing…

  • Windbreaker
  • Computer (back up first) and charger
  • Extra data cards for cameras
  • Book(s)
  • BCD/regulator if you’ll be diving
  • Snorkel gear if you have a preferred set (we also have plenty aboard)

Please avoid…

  • Spray sunscreen (it stains the decks and cushions, and makes the decks very slick)
  • Sunscreen containing self-tanner or bronzer (also stains decks and cushions)
  • Spray-on tans (same as above)
  • Oil-based products
  • Heat-styling tools for hair (you won’t need them in the Exumas, and they’re power hogs anyway)

Important data considerations for foreign cruising grounds:

  • Download any movies, music, podcasts and e-books you’ll want before leaving home. Many international plans are limited in how much bandwidth you can download.
  • Turn off all auto-synchronizing items on your computer. These will decimate your WiFi allotment (and/or ours) before you know it.
  • Turn cellular data on your phone when you board your plane and turn off cellular data for any apps you don’t intend to use while on vacation. This will save you bandwidth when you turn cellular data on to use your international plan.
Aerial of Ocean Adventure Cat anchord in clear water over white sand in the Exumas